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Training Modules for Interdisciplinary Therapy of Movement Disorders based on Cooperation of Netz3L – Hamburg bildet! / IAB Academy

Since 2018, IAB Akademie offers 12 further education modules (WbB) developed in the project “Netz3L – Hamburg ist!”.

In addition, Dr. Fereshte Adib Saberi obtained a certificate for the design of competence-oriented curricula as an instructor.

German and European developments in education policy, the authorities, the job center team.arbeit.hamburg and the Employment Agency in Hamburg have agreed to create continuing education modules according to Hamburg-wide uniform standards. The aim was to ensure quality, comparability and transparency in education and training.

This project wass funded by the European Social Fund ESF and the Holiday and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

The modules include the interdisciplinary therapy of neurological movement disorders, dystonia, parkinson’s diseae and spastic conditions in each three levels (basic module, superior module, instructor module).