Dear IAB Partner,
Dear prospective IAB Partner,

Thank you for your interest to become an IAB Partner!

There are many options available to support IAB activities. One way e.g. is finanancal support for selected centers for movement disorder, so called starter packs with instructions how to form a new IAB center or support already existing IAB groups by using IAB-Products. You could also rent a company booth at IAB meetings or bear the costs for IAB activities. These are just a few example, but there are many more possibilities to help.


The following cooperation models are available:

Benefits for all Partners:

Logo, Company Name, Link to own Website ,

Reference to Projects, (Events, Projects, Publications etc.),

Job Opportunities


Benefits for Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners:

Increasing Presence at IAB Activities

Nomination as Silver, Gold and Platinum Partner

Intensified Presence at IAB Activities and reference as Silver, Gold, Platinum Partner,


Benefits for Silver Partners

5% off for IAB Academy Courses and IAB Products


Benefits for Gold Partners

10% off for IAB Academy Courses and IAB Products


Benefits for Platinum Partners

15% off for IAB Academy Courses and IAB Products and free entrance for Company Employees at IAB Satellite Meetings.


Requirement for a Partnership per Year (backdated from actual month)

Up to 5.000 € for Silver Partnership

5.001€ up to 10.000 € for Gold Partnership

More than 10.000 € for Platinum Partnership


The cooperation sum results out of services and products requested from IAB.


Here are some examples of our wide range of offers:


  • Presence with a Booth at IAB Meetings
  • Creation of Publications, Press Releases and other Materials
  • Support for IAB Academy
  • Support of Customer Projects
  • Event Management (Sponsoring, Planning, Expert Search, Implementation, Compliance Management, Processing and Settlement, CME-Accreditation etc.)
  • Publication Projects (Data Evaluation, Medical Writing, Organisation of Consensus Meetings and Production of Papers etc.)
  • Multimedia Projects (Video Production, Apps, Information and Educational Tools etc.)
  • Sponsoring Support
  • Certification Support for Centers and Employees
  • Consulting on Medical Legal Issues
  • Contacting Movement Disorders Specialists
  • Internet Performances incl. Boostering

Our highly experienced team of experts offers solutions to all your questions and problems on Movement Disorders.

I look forward to welcoming you as a partner in the near future.

Please contact us via eMail info@iabnetz.de or send the completed partnership application per fax: +49 03212 3234363.

We would much appreciate it if you could give us your support so that we can improve and achieve a better and independent networking amongst the active players in the field of Movement Disorder.

I will gladly answer any question you or your institution may have, so please contact me.

Best regards from Hamburg,

Dr. Fereshte Adib Saberi