Meza Boogie

Meza Boogie - Mehrnaz MirReza & Thomas Mayer
San Diego, CA, USA
IAB Consultant for Design and Event Management

Julia Cammarota

Graphic & Illustration
Hamburg, Germany
IAB Consultant for Design

Elke Jensen, Professor

Design Professor, Chair Person International Artists Foundation "Die Hoege", Founding Board Member of Kultwerk West Hamburg e.V. Platform for Artistic, Cultural and Social Issues, Consultant at the Intersections of Art / Design
Hamburg, Germany
Honorary Consultant

Christiane Jessen

Publisher Bookseller, Literature and Social Scientist and Cultural Manager, Press and Marketing Officer for Health Foundation in Hamburg and Member of the Council for International Artists Foundation "Die Hoege"
Hamburg, Germany
Honorary Consultant

Evi Kreichgauer

Lector for Scientific Publications, Focussing Biology and Medicine / Medical Journals
Ladenburg, Germany
Honorary Consultant

Jochen Sattler

Dipl. Music Therapist, Teaching Music Therapist DMTG Stadtklinik Frankenthal, Lecturer Cath. University Freiburg, Systemic Therapist
Ladenburg, Germany
Honorary Advisor

Matthias Schatz, PhD

Multimedia Journalist, PR Consultant, CEO iconpublic
Hamburg, Germany
IAB Partner, Honorary Consultant

Peter Schmalfuß

Retired Marketing and Sales Manager
Hanburg, Germany
Support of IAB in Marketing and Acquisition Strategy

Hans Joachim Schultz

Hauling Specialist, Secretary of Administration Winningen
Winningen, Germany
Honorary Consultant