Who are we?

IAB – Interdisciplinary Working Group for Movement Disorders offers a platform for the cooperation of all participants focussed on this field:

Our Experts

  • Scientific Advisory Board
  • Members
  • Faculty
  • Team
  • Partner
  • Further Organizations

Physicians and Health Professionals

  • Heads, Modifier, Faculty and Participants of IAB Satellite Groups
  • Organizer, Faculty and Participants of Accredited IAB Training Courses
  • Faculty and Participants of Accredited and Patented Training to Become IAB Specialist in Movement Disorders (SMD-IAB)
  • Faculty and Participants of 12 Accredited Further Training Modules (WbB)
  • Heads and Organizer of Meetings on Movement Disorders
  • Representatives of Own specialties, Projects, Publications and Job Opportunities
  • Faculty and Users of IAB Products
  • Active Multipliers of IAB and Interdisciplinarity on Assesments and Therapy of Movement Disorders

Patients and their Families and Medical Non-Professionals

  • Organizer and Participants of Accredited IAB Training Courses
  • Heads, Modifier, Faculty and Participants of Meetings on Mevement Disorders
  • Active Multipliers to Improve Therapy and to Support Therapists as Messengers of Interdisciplinary Therapy of Movement Disorders
  • Users and Multipliers of IAB Products
  • Supporters, Multipliers and Users of IAB Database on Experts and Therapists
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