IAB for Patients and Relatives

Dear patients, dear relatives,

are you suffering from movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, tremor, spasticity, e.g. after stroke or multiple sclerosis?

Are you looking for experts in this field?

Design your therapeutic options and therapeutic steps actively!

Take responsibility for improving your quality of life!

Talk to your therapists as physicians and health professionals about the possibilities of networking to promote the interdisciplinary therapy of movement disorders – our idea is that of a mature patient as a partner of the therapist!

Inform yourself on our website about the work of IAB and let yourself be infected by the idea of interdisciplinarity!

By the way: IAB Academy is not only open to therapists: to the Patient Academy

You are also welcome to support us financially!
In this way, you make it possible for the content on our website and the YouTube channel and many of our events to continue to be accessible to everyone free of charge and for us to be able to constantly expand our scientifically proven offers. Our cooperation is important! We are not non-profit in the sense of German legislation and therefore cannot issue a donation receipt.

Your donation reaches us either as a transfer to IAB – Interdisciplinary Working Group for Movement Disorders e.K., Deutsche Bank Hamburg, IBAN DE 57 2007 0024 0706 4942 01
or via PayPal: https://paypal.com/paypalme/IABnetz

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