Training Opportunities for Patients and their Families and Medical Non-Professionals

How does the IAB Academy operate?

Patients, relatives and other interested medical non-professionals can in small groups in a workshop mode learn more about movement disorders and their treatment and coping strategies for these mostly chronic diseases.

You can also visit single courses about special topics out of the large field of movement disorders such as Parkinson syndromes, dystonia and spastic syndrome and concerning several aspects of movement disorders. These courses are divided into basic, advanced, special and quality management courses.

For IAB members discounted rates are offered.

In particular, in special courses leading experts of established methods, induct students into their way of thinking and encourage workshop participants made up of porfessional therapists and medical non-professionals to an interdisciplinary communication.

Why IAB Academy for patients and relatives?

Encouraged by the positive response even in the international arena,  IAB Academy tries to continue, to intensify and expand the range of IAB activities. The current approach to offer beside regularly scheduled satellite groups sporadically Workshops for therapeutically active colleagues and patients, relatives and other interested, aroused significant attention and a higher demand.

Dr. rer. biol. hum. Heidrun Pickenbrock + Gisela Murawski 2017