Our Individual Offers

Individual counseling

In a personal consultation we plan with you the necessary for you seminar and training contents.

When teaching-related problems and complaints, you can contact directly to our instructors or email Dr. Adib Saberi Fereshte, IAB CEO : f.adib@iabnetz.de. You also have the possibility to contact the free consumer service of Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.© in a conflict that relates to the quality standards of our Academy.


Vocational and concomitant training possible!

You can attend all our events and trainings courses vocationally and training concomitantly .

The Training as therapist for IAB Specialist in Movement Disorders (SMD-IAB) is divided into three different levels of specialization: basic, superior and instructor level.

The time between the intense attendance phases should be accompanied by autonomous engagement of the individual key topic. We ensure thorough analysis of the chosen training course by implementing final paper (thesis) and practical exercises.



IAB Academy is based on accredited training courses, in which the prescribed CME points of the respective medical associations and registering professional nurses (RbP) can be purchased. Moreover, IAB Academy is certified by Weiterbilung Hamburg e.V.© as well.


Training Hours

We offer various events and training options. All training courses are designed as compact as possible to conveniently allow attendees from other locations to participate.

Half-Day Courses in the Morning or Evening:
08:30 to 12:00 and 18:00 to 21:30 (6 lessons/CME Points)

Full-Day Courses on Saturdays:
8:30 to 18:00 (13 lessons/CME Points)


Certificates, Tests and Final Papers (Thesis)

Those deciding not to take exams will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course. On request a IAB Certificate will be issued after successful completion of our courses.

Admission to the exams require the regular attendance of our teaching units (min. 80%). Depending on the specialized subject the exam features a theoretical, a practical part as well as a final paper.

The final paper (thesis) offers a deep and exciting encounter with your specialized subject.

The Superior Training solidifies your competence by documentation and presentation of five interdisciplinary treatment procedures within at least 9 months in the field of interdisciplinary treatment of movement disorders.

The training course as an Instructor is strengthened by additional management and documentation of five interdisciplinary treatment procedures within at least 9 months and additionally chairing of at least each five groups composed of only therapists and interdisciplinary groups with therapists and patients and medical non-professionals about treatment of movement disorders.

A Degree Certificate will be awarded after documentation of all tests.

The IAB Team and your supervising faculty will assist you if needed with additional support.


Seminar and Teaching Materials

We work with high-quality teaching resources. According to our training and education program we also offer scripts that will help you to improve your knowledge about the current topic.


References and Research

We advise and train you in the proper literature search. Online, we offer you access to full size papers, and abstracts and PDFs of our speakers as well but contributions to our own IAB products too.

So we support you to do research on  your main points interests, and so you’re always up to date.


Inexpensive Traveling to Berlin or Hamburg

Our dates are fixed in the long term, so that you can use early booking train options or the cheap airlines. Further favorable travel possibilities offer car-sharing or buses.

Under www.mitfahrgelegenheit.de find quickly a ride.