Professor Dressler Joins a New Botulinum Toxin Drug Project

Professor Dirk Dressler, Head of Movement Disorders Section at Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany partners with Wizmedi from Korea to develop a new botulinum toxin drug. ‘We have been involved in the development of all major botulinum toxin drugs currently available. This is project, however, is extremely exciting as it uses a novel type of botulinum toxin ‘, explains Dressler. Botulinum toxin drugs are mainly characterised by the type of botulinum toxin they use. So far, only botulinum toxin types A1 and B have been used. This project is based on botulinum toxin type A6, developed and patented by Dr Eric A Johnson and his team at the University of Madison in Wisconsin, USA. The new drug will be produced in Korea and in the USA and will be marketed globally for aesthetic and for therapeutic indications. ‘Korea is now the most active place in the world for botulinum toxin drug manufacturing. This is the place to be’.


Prof. Dirk Dressler (center, left) Dr. Eric A Johnson (center, right) managment of Wizmedi