Botulinum toxin A and upper limb functional skills in hemiparetic cerebral palsy: a randomized trial in children receiving intensive therapy: Speth LAWM et al.


Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 2005, 47: 468–473


Author Details
LAWM SpethMD, Physician in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Rehabilitation Foundation Limburg (SRL), location Franciscusoord, Valkenburg;
P Leffers  MSc, Clinical Epidemiologist, Department of Epidemiology, Maastricht University, Maastricht;
YJM Janssen-Potten  PhD, Movement Scientist, Institute for Rehabilitation Research (IRV), Hoensbroek;
JSH Vles  MD PhD, Child Neurologist, Academic Hospital Maastricht (azM), Maastricht, the Netherlands.
*Correspondence to first author at SRL, location Franciscusoord, Onderstestraat 29, 6301 KA Valkenburg, the Netherlands.
E-mail: l.speth@srl.nl