Current Concepts in the Treatment of Multiple System Atrophy: Perez-Lloret S et al.

Santiago Perez-Lloret, MD, PhD,   1,2,*
Olivier Flabeau, MD,   3
Pierre-Olivier Fernagut, PhD,   4,5
Anne Pavy-Le Traon, MD, PhD,   6,7 
Maria Veronica Rey,   1,2
Alexandra Foubert-Samier, MD, PhD,   4,5,8
Francois Tison, MD, PhD,   4,5,8
Olivier Rascol, MD, PhD,   6,7 
Wassilios G. Meissner, MD, PhD,   4,5,8


Author Details:

1   Laboratory of Epidemiology and Experimental Pharmacology, Institute for Biomedical Research (BIOMED), School of Medical Sciences, PontificalCatholic University of Argentina (UCA), Buenos Aires, Argentina;
2   The National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina;
3   Department of Neurology, Center Hospitalier de la Cote Basque, Bayonne, France;
4   Institut des Maladies Neuroegeneratives, Universite de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France;
5   CNRS, Institut des Maladies Neurodegeneratives, Bordeaux, France;
6   Departments of Clinical Pharmacology and Neurosciences, University Hospital and University of Toulouse 3, Toulouse, France;
7   French Reference Center for MSA, Toulouse University Hospital, Toulouse, France;
8   French Reference Center for MSA, Bordeaux University Hospital, Bordeaux, France