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General Advance Training for Physicians and Heath Professionals

Regular training for physicians and health professionals is compulsory and a range of training and continuing education courses is frequently offered. The IAB Academy is focused on topics of communication and training in diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. The various perspectives and therapeutic approaches will be presented and thereby the objective and evidence-based coexistence of methods emphasized.


Special Courses for Therapists

Courses only for therapists are offered for the large groups of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Dystonia, Spastic Syndrome and cross-over areas.

These courses are divided into basic, advanced, specialized and quality management.

IAB members will be offered reduced rates.

This applies particularly to our specialized courses where experts for established methods introduce their way of thinking to the participants. These groups, often composed of non-professional and professional participants, promote interdisciplinary communication.


Certification of Specific Topics

All our seminars consist of modules to obtain the status of IAB Specialist in Movement Disorders (SMD-IAB). However, these courses can also be attended individually depending on interest and need. They also serve the purpose to obtain information on specific topics and if required have it certified.

The participation criteria is defined in the individual course description.

As a rule the courses are divided into basic, advanced, specialized and quality management